Buffalo Community Theater is more than just a community of artists who are passionate about theater.  Since its modest beginning in 1987 with just a handful of determined people, it has developed into a significant theater voice in Central Minnesota.

As a long-running community theater, it means so much to so many people… For many, it provides the opportunity to be creative, practice new skills and to stretch on a personal level.  For some, it is a great way to get together with like-minded people and entertain the community. For a few, it has been a way to reconnect with activities after confronting a serious health diagnosis or personal crisis. The ability to step into a safe, alternative world for a few hours is an appreciated break from difficult times.

BCT is also a safe and nurturing place for youth to learn and grow through theater. Our BCT youth have ended up scattered around the country, doing theater in numerous professional and amateur roles.

Through the medium of live theater, BCT helps open eyes and minds to new and diverse ways of looking at the world. Theater can change lives.

Above all else, Buffalo Community Theater is a collection of richly diverse people- working hard, having fun, and achieving a common creative goal through uncommon means.

Come see what BCT has waiting in the wings!