October 28, 29, 30 and November 4, 5, 6. Discovery Auditorium

The play tells a story of romance, triumph and finding ourselves through a plethora of big belly laughs and funny situations

“Leading Ladies” follows Meg, a young woman living in York, Pennsylvania, in 1958 as she cares for her dying, wealthy aunt Florence and dreams of life outside of her small town. She meets two down-and-out Shakespearean actors, Leo and Jack, who are masquerading as her cousins, Maxine and Stephanie, in the hopes of inheriting Florence’s fortune.

And the farce ensues, in and out of doors and fish flying across stage among other good stuff.

Ludwig’s writing is known for its fast pace, flamboyant characters and clever shenanigans of mistaken identity, and “Leading Ladies” has it all.

Cast List:

Kala Enninga –  MEG SNIDER
Dennis Kelly – LEO CLARK
Rick Wyman – JACK GABLE
Deborah Schee – AUDREY 
Nancy Lipinski – FLORENCE SNIDER
Joseph Happe – DOC MYERS
Tom Nelson – BUTCH MYERS

Director – Jack Neveaux