February 11th @ 7pm, 12th @ 7pm, 13th @ 2pm and February 18th @ 7pm, 19th @ 7pm, 20th @ 2pm. Discovery Auditorium

Laugh yourself silly with Junie B. Jones in this hilarious adaptation of Barbara Park’s beloved series. BCT’s youth production will join Junie B. on her first day of first grade, where all sorts of adventure are in store! Featuring many lovable characters and fun-filled songs,  Junie B. Jones The Musical JR. will capture your hearts!

Cast List:

Junie B. Jones Kaylee Anderson
Herb William Wendroth
DaddyEmery Wirth
MotherJillian Pack
LucilleAvery Russek
CamilleKiana Rugut
ChenilleMadeline Krinke
SheldonEmery Wirth
GracePoppy Warhol
Bobbi Jean PiperNatalie Schmutzer
MayElizabeth (Lizzy) Plaisted
Mrs. ScaryLaila Janish
Mrs. Gladys GutzmanNatalie Jones
Mrs. Woo, the Bus Driver/StudentMaci Botz
ShirleyNova Smude
JoseAbdullah Mudhafar
LennieBenjamin Smith
Tickle, the Dog/StudentEvelyn Jones
Lunch Student 1Clare Dressel
Student 1Abigail Forsman
Student 2Eloise Kohls
Student 3Olivia Taylor
Student 4June Pack
Student 5Hannah Williamson
Student 6Lillian Baird
Student 7Juniper Lostetter
Student 8Dorothy Karson
Backstage CrewRilyn Gallagher
Backstage CrewGracelyn Kinneberg
Backstage CrewAutumn Robischon
Backstage CrewParker Wendroth

Director – Kari Wendroth
Musical Director – Michael Walsh