Saturday May 15, 2021 10am – 12pm

Sunday May 16, 2021 1pm – 3pm

Auditions for “Charlotte’s Web” are open to adults and students (current grade 3 and above) – see below for detailed list of roles.  Auditionees should prepare a song, preferably musical theater, and bring sheet music for the provided accompanist.  Auditionees will also be asked to read from the script and should come dressed for movement.  

Performance dates are July 23, 24 & 28, 29, 30, 31

Character NameGenderPart SizeVocal Part(s)
WilburMale LeadTreble/boy
John ArableMaleSupportingTenor, Baritone, Bass, Bass-Baritone
Martha ArableFemaleSupportingSoprano,Mezzo-Soprano, Alto
Avery ArableMaleSupportingTenor, Alto/boy, Supporting
Homer ZuckermanMaleSupportingTenor, Baritone, Bass, Bass-Baritone
Edith ZuckermanFemaleSupportingSoprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto
Fern ArableFemaleSupportingMezzo-Soprano
TempletonMaleSupportingTenor, Treble/boy, Soprano, Bass-Baritone
LurvyMaleFeaturedTenor, Baritone, Bass, Bass-Baritone
GooseFemaleFeaturedSoprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto
GanderMaleFeaturedTenor, Baritone, Bass, Bass-Baritone
Farm AnimalsEither GenderEnsembleSoprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Treble/Boy Soprano, Bass-Baritone
Character NameGenderVocal Part(s)
WilburMale Treble/boy
John ArableMaleTenor, Baritone, Bass, Bass-Baritone
Martha ArableFemaleSoprano,Mezzo-Soprano, Alto
Avery ArableMaleTenor, Alto/boy, Supporting
Homer ZuckermanMaleTenor, Baritone, Bass, Bass-Baritone
Edith ZuckermanFemaleSoprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto
Fern ArableFemaleMezzo-Soprano
TempletonMaleTenor, Treble/boy, Soprano, Bass-Baritone
LurvyMaleTenor, Baritone, Bass, Bass-Baritone
GooseFemaleSoprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto
GanderMaleTenor, Baritone, Bass, Bass-Baritone
Farm AnimalsEither GenderSoprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Treble/Boy Soprano, Bass-Baritone